Small Poster for The Finance Rock Star book launch cocktailpromotional cocktail poster for the Finance Rock Star book launch

The Background:

Nicole Fende, the Numbers Whispererâ„¢, was getting ready to launch her book: How to Be a Finance Rockstar. I’d been working with Nicole for almost a year doing mascot illustrations for her site and book, so it was a natural progression to create something she could give out to the folks who pre-ordered her book.

The Inspiration:

Fluffy the Finance Feline, Nicole’s main mascot, was going to be doing a series of “Fluffy Sightings” (a la Elvis) leading up to the launch of the book. I’d already drawn a version of Fluffy with the Elvis pompadour for the sightings so we decided to continue the theme into the cocktail.

Going through Elvis’ discography yielded an unknown-to-me song, Money Honey, that struck just the right chord for this project. From there the rest of the cocktail might as well have jumped into the glass of it’s own accord.

The Thought Process:

I love a good title, and this one was better than most at conjuring flavor profiles. Most folks are aware of the King’s penchant for peanut butter and banana sandwiches (and banana pudding), and the song title had me thinking of a relatively recent spirit on the scene: honey bourbon. Jack Daniels, to be specific, for the town where so much of Elvis’ career took shape.

So we’ve got Tennessee Honey (bourbon) and 99 Bananas liqueur and a very Elvis-y drink, what about the money, again? Two more ingredients were needed to round this cocktail out: Goldschlager (important for its little flakes of gold swirling about, as well as it’s punchy cinnamon flavor) and Cream Soda–because every balanced cocktail needs a mixer and the cream, even in finance, always rises to the top.

The Art:

Originally we created a free download for her pre-order clients to receive as a thank-you gift. This also included a redesign of Fluffy complete with leather jacket, microphone and swiveling pelvis. As the launch plans grew, an official launch party complete with bar was planned and signage was required, so there are 2 versions of the promo poster for this Corporate Cocktail.

printed signage for Finance Rock Star launch partyin-person signage for Finance Rock Star launch party