Interested in working together but need a little bit more information? Let’s see if this page of not-so-fine print helps you out.

Getting Started

For this process to work, I’ll need a little bit of information about your business, service or product. Aside from what you, yourself, can tell me about it (via a handy dandy profile sheet I’ll send you), here are some examples of the kind of thing you might want to share with me so I have the best base to work from:

  • Current marketing materials
  • A press kit
  • Your mission statement
  • Your target demographic info
  • Your logo (especially if you’d like it incorporated into the art) and PMS color specifications

With that information I can get to the sometimes-tough-to-describe part of the process: designing the cocktail. There’s no set formula to it, instead I take inspirational cues from all that I’ve learned, make a few stream of consciousness leaps, do some tangential research and arrive at a working ingredient list. That list then gets tried in different combinations, taste-tested and tweaked until it’s just right.

A little photo session and some sketches later, and you’ll start to see the project come together.

This part can take a couple of weeks, depending on my schedule. If you need something in time for a specific date, tell me and we’ll see what we can do.*


By the time I’ve got the cocktail figured out I’ve usually got some mental pictures formed about the physical (as physical as pixels get) bits and I’ll have some mock-ups ready to send over. These mock-ups could be scanned sketches, image collages, digital bits or any combination thereof–they are not the finished art. If you like the direction I’m headed in, great; we can then move on to the final art.

If you think we’re close but not there yet, there are a 2 more sets of sketches we can go through before we get out of the basic package services. You can send me inspiration photos, of course, but please understand that out of respect for other artists and my own artistic integrity (not to mention the potential for infringement lawsuits) I refuse to copy another person or agency’s unique stylistic choices.

I try to keep this stage snappy, so if we’re good to go after the first sketches we can be done in a matter of days, each set of revisions could take a week or so, depending on how severe the revisions are.

Final Pieces

Once we’ve agreed on a direction and you’ve okay’d the last set of sketches, I’ll get started on creating the final pieces of art. If you’ll be printing the pieces and your printer has specification sheets (or .joboptions files for PhotoShop), please make sure to give me these before I start the final art. Having to reformat for print specs may mean remaking the files from the bottom up and will incur additional charges.

Digital files will be provided in no less than .jpg, .png (for transparent-background web-use) and .tiff formats, with .pdf and others available upon request/as needed, at a minimum of 300 dpi. File delivery will be handled via YouSendIt (you do not need an account to receive files, an email will be sent with a download link that will be good for 14 days; should something delay the client downloading the files within 14 days the files, of course, can be re-sent).

What You Can Do With the Files

aka License and Rights

You have the right to use your completed Corporate Cocktail for both print and web advertisements without further restriction as to region, time or format.

Meanwhile, per the usual customs, I retain any original artwork created and the rights to use it in my portfolio, my own advertising materials, on my websites for self-promotion, and to dispose of said original art at my discretion.


Once we’ve decided to work together on your Corporate Cocktail

  • 30% is due at the time of order/contract signing
  • the next 30% due at sketch sign-off
  • and the balance due Upon Delivery.
A kill fee of no less than 50% of the quoted job will be imposed for jobs cancelled after the contract is signed to represent work done. If I’ve not heard from you regarding a set of mock-ups in 2 weeks and you fail to respond to emails, I reserve the right to consider the job cancelled and bill you for the remaining amount due allowed by the kill fee clause in our contract.
A stalled job may be resumed within 6 months for the balance due on the original contract. Should more than 6 months elapse, a new contract will be required.
Payment via PayPal is preferred.

Striving for Originality

With so many cocktail enthusiasts out there, while I’ll do my best to give your cocktail a unique name and composition, similarities are almost inevitable. Any likeness to another drink found on the Internet or in one of the many cocktail books out there (unless we’ve already discussed a particular homage) are coincidental.

*If you’re in a supreme hurry, rush charges might apply.