Loving Cup cocktail cardholiday-themed cocktail perfect for customer thank-yous

The Background

As a thank-you to longtime readers of my weekly cocktail column, I wanted to create a special Valentine’s Day cocktail just for them.

The Thought Process

Since it was Valentine’s, after all, red was the over-riding theme of this cocktail. Something sweet and spicy was called for and if it took a few more ingredients than usual, that’s okay–special occasions call for a little extra effort.

The Inspiration

Roses are red… and I don’t care much for violets. One way of getting a really red drink is to start with a red mixer, like cranberry juice, and throwing in a little grenadine for a depth-of-color boost. Roses smell sweet, and a splash of rosewater adds a little something extra to this cocktail. Only a splash, though, or it will overpower even the pushier notes from the cinnamon schnapps and orange liqueurs. The Loving Cup is enough like a Cosmopolitan to get a shy socializer to try it, but different enough to keep it from being boring.

The Art

Sometimes the cocktail is all that needs to take center-stage. The image of the finished drink, dressed up for the party, was surrounded with a painted, black background, the recipe and tied up with a pretty red bow.