Garnish Goes to Work!

While the original Character Cocktail exists for the pleasure of one, there’s more to it than just a one-gift-pony (keg).

Character Cocktails can be created to:

  • Launch a Product
  • Personalize your next Company Retreat
  • Customize your Salon or Spa offerings
  • or Partner with your Core Message

This Corporate Cocktail comes with the usual personality and panache–that will never change–but it adds in digital art perfect for promotions and the licensing rights to go with it.

The process is pretty similar to the original character cocktail: you help me understand your company or product and I give you a fabulous marketing tool.

Now what? Why not browse the gallery of examples and find out how I created each of the sample cocktails. Then, stroll on over to our packages to see just what you’ve got to look forward to. Or cut to the chase and contact me via email or that handy-dandy little form to your right.