22 1. Where a contract for the sale of certain goods exists or if goods are subsequently awarded to the contract, the seller may, by the conditions of the contract or appropriation, reserve the right to dispose of the goods until certain conditions are fulfilled and, in this case, without prejudice to the delivery of the goods to the buyer, to a carrier or other guarantor for the purpose of their transmission to the buyer, ownership of the goods shall not be re-established by the buyer until the conditions imposed by the seller are met. 33 (1) Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser of the goods is not obliged to accept delivery in instalments. 3. If, by means of a contract of sale, the seller claims to make an ongoing sale of future products, the contract shall be considered as an agreement for the transfer of the goods. R.S., at 408, p. 8. Both tend to think that the other side has more power in each situation. For example, a salesperson we recently worked with told us that a customer had them “over a barrel” during a trial.

The seller provides data services to a large telecommunications company and had been informed by the buyer that, although they were the only seller in the market, there are now two other providers with exactly the same data. In fact, one of these competitors had offered not only to reduce its fees by almost 50%, but also to pay both the costs of collecting the customer`s organization`s existing data and the costs of switching suppliers. 44 (1) An unpaid seller of goods loses his right to deposit or hold him Suppose, for example, that you are in the middle of negotiating an agreement and your customer is so tough that you are not sure you can agree. Right now, however, the economy is exploding, you`ve been selling the year for three years, you`re at 176 percent of your annual goal, and it`s only the third quarter. Of course, although you would of course prefer not to lose the sale, it would hardly mean the end of the world. But what if the economy was in recession, you were only at 65% of your revenue target, you`d get to the end of the fourth quarter, and your work was at stake? So it`s clear that losing the sale would mean something completely different. The fact is that if you don`t make the consequences of estimating without an agreement, you have no way of knowing what your actual costs and benefits might be.