There are only two scenarios in which your name can be included in a rental database, and you can only be mentioned when your tenancy is over Colocation A tenant can apply to the court for a termination order to end another tenant`s tenancy. The court reviews the “special circumstances” of the case and decides whether the order has been made. Tenants Your name and the names of other tenants appear on the lease of the premises. They share rights and obligations with the other tenant. The same goes for Victoria. As a tenant, you can apply directly to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) if you are unable to agree with the landlord on your application to the Bond Board. If you do not properly terminate your rental relationship, you will remain legally liable under the rental agreement. This means that in the end, you could be chased away by the landlord or real estate agent for every rent due. They could also be placed in a “Bad Tenant” database, which can make it difficult to rent a place in the future.

How can I inform the other party of the resignation? Tenants and landlords must inform the other party of their intention to terminate the lease. Termination must be in writing and signed by the person resigning. It is also necessary to indicate the date on which the lease ends and when the premises are to be evacuated. The termination should also indicate the reason for the termination. A temporary lease is valid for a fixed period, such as six months or one year. A periodic rental agreement applies if you are not currently on a fixed-term contract and refers to the frequency of your rents. For example, if you pay your rent once a month, you have a monthly periodic lease. If you did not agree on a fixed term when you moved into the property and your rental agreement started after 1 April 2007, you are legally entitled to a minimum duration of 6 months. Then you will be a tenant regularly, unless you sign a new lease. If all tenants terminate their rental agreement and no one stays in the property and there are tenants, unless your tenants wish to move, you must notify your tenants in writing for 90 days. If you have residential schools or tenants with you, you may still need to meet a notice period necessary to leave the premises, depending on the terms of your agreement.

If all tenants leave, they must together give the lessor 21 days` notice during a periodic agreement or 14 days` notice before the expiry of a temporary contract. Whether the joint lease is established as a tenant or sublet, obligations and processes differ and must be respected by your tenants.