Total capitulation and full acceptance of the action demanded by others are almost impossible. Sincerity, with all his heart, cordial, full-bodied, monstrous, it is an authentic feeling. The absence of hypocrisy, simulacrum or any de-distorting embellishment or exaggeration sincerely underlines. sincere heartfelt apologies suggest sincerity and serious devotion without any reservation or hesitation. Promised our unwavering support of the whole, expressing the deep sense of stiff emotion. our cordial gratitude sincerely suggests honesty, warmth and exuberance in the representation of feeling. received a warm welcome in a frantic manner underlines the spontaneity and lack of pretext. I look forward to the award. Tom smiles in perfect harmony with the lieutenant governor`s acolyst.

NGLISH: Wholeheartedly translated for Spanish speakers I must say that I am in full agreement with David Frum in this. Seeing the full definition of the whole heart in the dictionary of English learners, God asks us wholeheartedly for dedication and service, but he pours upon us the richness of His love. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for whole hearts The hardest-working efforts (p. 041) have not always been successful. Among his blessed features was the ability to laugh at himself with joy.