11.5 This agreement and the documents referred to in it constitute the whole agreement and agreement between the parties with respect to the removal program. For example, a contractor and a painter have a recommendation agreement. The owner (the referent) refers his clients to a painter (the referee). The owner receives a fee for each client he relates to the painter. Recommendation agreements are also used to promote other companies. 1. The client agreed in writing, after a full written disclosure was made, that a royalty allocation and the terms of the allocation had been made; Once you have agreed on your compensation, you should consider some important issues regarding your recommendation agreement: Oratto runs a website that allows consumers of legal services to research a wide range of legal areas and find a lawyer who can help them handle litigation on their behalf. 7. Confidentiality. The term “confidential information” includes information or data from a party that is confidential and proprietary in nature. A receptive party will not use or disclose confidential information from a public party to third parties unless it can be proven that it is publicly available and made available to the public without charge, restriction or license, or that it may be made public, or that it must not be disclosed by a competent authority. as long as the unveiling party (if legally and practical) provides appropriate prior notification of this necessary information. The confidential information of each party remains their property.

11.6 In this agreement, any reference to a particular legal person or person contains, if any, a reference to its representatives, delegates, substitutes or appointees. Singular expressions include plural and vice versa. On the basis of these ethical rules, not only can a lawyer who exercises the right to harm the person be associated with fees as a co-counsel with another lawyer in another law firm, but also lawyers working in the field of defence, family law, criminal law, real estate or another specialty. , who together have the right to harm to individuals and to participate in the eventual costs incurred by the case. The percentage of the fee owed to the co-counsel should not be commensurant to the extent of the work done in the litigation. In other words, in one case, a lawyer may receive a substantial sum without having his or her name on the briefs or perform any of the “trial work.” Normally, the only role of our co-counsel in this matter is to maintain the relationship with the client. However, we recognize the importance of this role and understand that the allocation of royalties between co-commissions should reflect the value of this service. 4.

Transfer fee. Referrer is paid a referral fee for each returned customer who generates ringlead revenue. All of these recommendation taxes amount to -1% of the gross fee that this Customer pays Ringlead for services upon receipt of Ringlead`s fees for a period of the initial duration of the service contract signed by the Customer with Ringlead. The referent is not entitled to compensation for a client with whom Ringlead already has an existing relationship. For the purposes of this agreement, “fees” are defined as the gross fees that a customer pays to Ringlead without sales and other taxes and installation fees.