Platinum – is the traditional and complete life planning agreement that Kendal has been offering Oberlin for many years. This agreement includes a comprehensive provision of home and long-term health care in the structure of entrance fees and monthly fees. This approach offers predictable costs, regardless of changes in the health sector. It also provides coverage for a variety of wellness and rehabilitation services. Gold is a modified agreement that is intended to supplement established dependency insurance. This agreement includes a discount on registration fees that varies depending on the length of the resident`s insurance policy. The resident is committed to maintaining dependency insurance and there is a period (1, 3 or 5 years) during which the resident is subject to the reduced daily rate for care. During this period, the resident is responsible for expenses that are not covered by the dependency insurance allowance. Obies, we want you to stay on campus throughout the semester. Please work with us to make this possible, because asking them to leave campus because you do not respect the community agreement is a sad and disappointing result for all involved – students, families, friends, teachers, administrators. But from our shared commitment to community health, we have asked students to leave the country and we will continue to do so. We cannot afford to be negligent at this time if we are to achieve our common goals.

To date, we have asked 16 students to leave campus for violating the community agreement. None of these offences were malicious; most involved to get together socially without masks. I understand the impulse – their friendships are precious and have been under pressure that the students of the last generation have not experienced. However, if you meet in a way that may strengthen COVID-19 transmission on campus, your decisions leave the university without his. As President Ambar said, our community itself is very fragile. We cannot allow our first successes to be affected by impulsive decisions that put everyone at risk. Students who have violated the Community Agreement are valued members of our Community who have made mistakes.