A first-year teacher`s salary in Mukilteo Public Schools will be $60,000 starting in September. (Mukilteo School District) Also under the agreement, the maximum number of students assigned to a kindergarten class will be 25, compared to 28. The maximum is 27 for classes 1-3 and 30 for classes 4-5. It appears that the number of classes 6-8 (31 students) and 9-12 (34 students) remains unchanged from the contract that expires next month. MUKILTEO — Teachers in Mukilteo Public Schools are among the highest paid in the state under a new three-year contract approved Monday by the district`s board of directors. “We can applaud for that,” school board president Michael Simmons said moments after the vote. Love works in this neighborhood children are phenomenal. Both sides are interested in doing so smoothly, said region spokesman Andy Muntz. “Together, we worked very hard to get an agreement in June that gives our teachers and students a high score,” she said.

“I think that`s what we did.” Monday`s decision comes a year after a bitter feud between teachers and district leaders over how to split a state infusion of dollars. Kink and the members of the association have long been proud to work with the county to offer the most experienced teachers the highest salary in the state. Appreciated and welcomed in each school by staff and students. With regard to class size, the agreement aims to have two fewer pupils in each primary and secondary class. In addition, smaller cases are required for speech and language pathologists, more hours for paratherapists in the classroom and additional resources are required for nurses, psychologists and occupational therapists and physiotherapists. “Our goal was to be competitive with our neighbouring neighborhoods because we had people who had left for Everett and Edmonds,” Wiebe said. “The agreement once again commits Mukilteo as a leader in professional compensation, which will help us compete to attract and retain teachers.” The ratification of an agreement in June – by chance on the eve of the last school day – is unusual, as such negotiations between districts and trade unions usually do not conclude until August.