Note: In practice, three separate learners (i.e. levels 2, 3 and 4 of the CEC) must be tracked for an equivalent artisanal qualification (level 4). Those who are interested in training in a given career (employed or not) have the agony of qualification for an apprenticeship. Learners must meet the requirements of the various programs. Do not apply for apprenticeship at MERSETA. Go to your nearest Ministry of Labour and fill out job search forms. Join your CV The department puts your names in its database. MERSETA takes the names of the department and transmits them to companies that need learners. MERSETA pays for the training costs of companies.

The government`s apprenticeship program has begun to show positive results. Many young people are now trained by different companies. The apprenticeship program is part of the government`s broader plan to develop skills for young people and the unemployed. The Mechanical Engineering and Related Sector Training Supervisory Authority (MERSETA) is one of the areas that ensures skills development. MERSETA is one of 23 sector training agencies (SETAs) created under the Skills Development Act. Employers and providers provide relevant learning and experience opportunities and work closely together to manage the learning process. A national qualification is given to the learner after the successful learning process. Employers fund apprenticeships and, in some cases, grants can be obtained from the SEASETA. Most of these apprenticeships will last between 12 and 24 months. Students also receive a monthly bursary, but these generally do not include transportation, meals and accommodation.

Apprenticeship is not a guarantee for a permanent position once it is completed, it will be the employer`s choice. However, applicants will be in a better position to enter the workforce once they have completed their apprenticeship. For more information on discretionary scholarships, contact the MerSETA regional office or visit the merSETA website at: A learning process is a structured learning process for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the workplace leading to a qualification registered in the CNQ. Learnerships online application processes are made available as these apprenticeships become available. Applicants can download the apprenticeship agreement form from Merseta`s website. The learning time can last from 12 to 24 months. Applicants must register for the ESSA via this link. The apprenticeship contract between the employer, the claimant and the learner (tripartite agreement) the training providers are accredited to obtain the learning capacity chosen by the seaSETA ETQA A Learning is based on results and not based on time and allows recognition of prior knowledge. The duration of learning capacity varies, but the average is about 18 months.

Applicants must always apply for an apprenticeship as part of their interest and skills. If you`re applying for something you don`t like and you`re selected, you`ll be in this position for the duration of your apprenticeship, so it`s a good idea to make sure you`re applying for something you really want to do. Practical experience Frans Mamabolo is one of hundreds of young people who have benefited from the merseta. He studied electrical engineering at Kempton Park Technical College in Gauteng. After completing his studies, Mambolo did not find a job.