Gas, electricity, water, council tax, telephone, Internet – TV. During your lease, you must notify the man and the man or the owner (if the broker does not manage the property) if you decide to go in writing to another service company (e-mail is correct). Of all the tenants, we ask for a deposit equal to one month`s rent to ensure that there is enough money at the end of the lease if they do not take care of the property properly. The booking contract is made available to you as soon as the lessor has accepted your refused rental agreement. It is the agreement between you, the tenant (s), the men and men and the landlord, that you have agreed to agree the lease on the dates indicated, the amounts to be paid, the conditions in the amount of the rent and the deposit. In this video, we explain the process of renting a property – from benchmark reviews and bail protection to all papers that go with the creation of a new lease. We ask you to pay the rent from the first month to the beginning of the lease, directly to our bank or by bank transfer on the day the rent for the following months is to be paid either permanently to your landlord or to us, and you will receive details at the beginning of the rent. If you have maintenance problems during your rental, please contact our office during working hours or by email at In case it is a maintenance problem that needs to be corrected immediately to avoid any damage or put you in trouble.

You can call our office number after hours 02380 404055 to report the problem or Manns` private message by facial book. The holding company deposit is deducted from the deposit, so your balance would pay less than the amount before you move into a property. We present the rent and payment in your booking contract, which will be given to you for verification and signature, before requesting payments. If the problem with any of these items is, then you can call Phillip Mann or your landlord, depending on the services your landlord has chosen, which was announced to you at the beginning of the lease. During an apartment rented under the direction of Manns and Manns, we will occasionally inspect rented buildings. We will request access to the tenants` visit to the accommodation and will allow tenants at least 48 hours. We promote the property as agreed (end the marketing of the property), once the owner has agreed to start with the proposed lease and manns and Manns have received your stock deposit. The holding company`s filing is due at the time of the referencing and the first application procedure. We provide you with the rental agreement and protection information before you ask to pay for it. Before moving into your new home, we meet you in our offices where you will be asked to sign your rental agreement and all relevant documents for your new home. Please note that if you have a guarantor, you must also sign in our offices before moving into a property.

A representative from Manns and Manns invites you to the accommodation. You are invited to check, sign and date prepared inventories and counters. We also provide you with keys that all need to be returned at the end of the lease.