The successful companies that are named are made up of highly skilled, experienced and creative creators who have a good understanding of the competitive education market in which the university is active. This mission was entrusted to a group of five design companies, which covers all graphic design requirements and refers to print and digital documents, including, but not limited to brochures, brochures, brochures, manuals, guides, posters, invitations, digital design and advertisements, etc. or documents with a detailed, tailored design such as academic brochures, annual reports, etc. – Planning, designing and implementing creative concepts for the promotion of certain events, themes, etc. – Design GIFs with integrated graphic design services to promote the activity. – provide a full or partial audio/video recording of the meeting, led by the organizers, based on graphic/visibility requirements, and provide the edition as needed; The jury of designers, in order of classification for the needs of the drawdown cascade method, are: Lot 3: Communication, PR and graphic design services related to online meetings This specific tendering procedure aims to provide a framework contract for the provision of services described in the Law on Engagement (see appendix). An offer is valid for 120 calendar days from the registration deadline. The selection of bidders is made taking into account the following criteria. All bidders are informed in writing of the outcome of the procedure. In this context, the Council of Europe is looking for providers of online meetings, communication and public relations, multimedia and graphic services, which are requested by the Council as needed.

– the design and management of surveys during the event (on substantive themes, with the support of the organisers), pre-demonstrations and follow-up events (to satisfaction); All planned activities must be planned in accordance with the various work plans within the department, while all graphic and communication elements must be brought into line with the Council of Europe`s visibility rules and/or with the rules agreed with donors. The tender contains reflections on sustainable development in order to promote the sustainable use of resources. . The Commission reserves the right to refuse an offer if the scanned documents are of such a quality that the documents can no longer be read after reading. Purchase of online technical and communication services – make sure you have some discussion images and input from stakeholders on request; – provide technical presentation and assistance throughout the event, including resolving connection issues; This contract applies to graphic design for promotional material and web design.