Suzanne Dibble is a multi-award winning business lawyer with 23 years of experience and author of the best-selling book RGPD for models. Suzanne consults with multinationals on data protection legislation and has created the largest social media group under the RGPD, where she has helped 40k organizations around the world comply with the RGPD. The Legal Services Board and the Law Society have announced their innovative approach to helping small entrepreneurs with complex regulations. Suzanne collaborated with Richard Branson at Virgin, where she led a group-wide data protection project that led to Virgin Suzanne`s nomination for Solicitor of the Year and Suzanne`s second in this prestigious award. Suzanne has unrivalled training and experience in a high-end law firm, has signed billions of pounds and has been a board member of 150 million pounds of business (which has resulted in her being listed in the Who`s Who of Britain`s Business Elite two years in a row). Suzanne has been running her own law firm for the past ten years, which focuses on supporting small businesses, and has won a number of awards in this context. A processing manager decides how the data is processed. Tap “Send” at the end of the questionnaire to create a draft contract containing all the clauses you need to include, all the optional clauses you have selected, and all the other information you have provided for the data transfer. If you receive personal data in the event of a medical emergency or other compelling reason, if a transfer of personal data is required, once or occasionally, the sender can rely on one of the exceptions and you do not need to use CSC. If you share personal data with a common processing manager, Article 26 of the RGPD stipulates that an “agreement” must be reached between those responsible for the processing.

A joint agreement on common data sharing for processing is different from a data-sharing agreement. If you need these documents, they are two of the many documents in my RGPD compliance package that you can purchase at a very advantageous cost if the consent is not valid, if you ask the people concerned to get direct marketing from “carefully selected partners” or another similar general description. Consent is also not valid if a long list of general categories of organizations is made available to those affected. This paper examines issues and best practices related to the transmission of personal data between processing managers (including joint and independent processers) in general business situations between companies. You can either share data so that the two entities are common controllers, or each of you is an independent controller (or data controller at data processing, although this is not taken into account in this article).